ASE Certified Mechanic Durango CO on Staff at Alpine Auto Doctors

Why is an ASE Certified Mechanic important?

Having a ASE Certified Mechanic on board at Alpine Auto Doctors is essential.  We want our repairs going out right the first time to save people time and money. An ASE Certified Mechanic means convenience. There is no doubt the job is in the best hands possible for a speedy repair. An ASE Certified Mechanic also means confidence in your auto repair shop. An ASE Certified Mechanic protects your investment.

ASE certified mechanic in Durango, CO Imagine having your friendly Durango neighbor having a moment of good will auto repair expertise and offers to adjust your breaks. Safety and accountability is questionable, at best. An independent, non-profit, called the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a national certification program for automotive technicians  The  standard is now ASE Ceritfied Mechanic for auto repair in Durango and beyond. Through a series of standardized specialty exams on brakes, steering, suspension and engine repair, an ASE certified mechanic is someone you can trust working on your vehicle.
We send our Durango auto repair technician to attend one of the tests which are conducted only two times per year. The test is given by the American College Testing where the exams stress hands-on diagnostic and repair, not just theory. Our ASC Certified Mechanic has to recertify every five years.  Then our auto repair technicians stay certifieded in order to work here, at our Durango, Colorado auto repair facility, Alpine Auto Doctors.

Our clients benefit from our ASE Certified Mechanic because it is the best way to ensure safety and accountability in our small town of Durango where your family is concerned.  How do you know an auto repair shop is going to fix your vehicle right?  A valuable yard stick to measure the knowledge and skills, as well as the commitment to quality, is ASE Certification. Our auto repair facility offers you a ASE certified mechanic because we care.

Look for our ASE Blue Seal of Excellence© logo.