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Durango CO auto repair shop where the job is done right the first time.

Durango CO auto repair ownerWith over 30 years of Durango CO Auto Repair experience, you can count on Alpine Auto Doctors to help keep your car safely on the road. While it’s true today’s cars are more complex than ever, our Durango CO auto repair shop has the expertise your vehicle demands. You can rely on us for preventive truck and car maintenance, exhaust and suspension services, climate control repair, oil and filter changes, tires, alignments, engine tune-ups – you name it, we can handle it. We’ll even take a look at your RV or trailer!

What our Durango CO Auto Repair Shop Can Do for You

Whether it’s cleaning your fuel system or replacing your ignition coil, you can count on Alpine Auto Doctors as a Durango CO auto repair shop that is here to help you get any repair job done right the first time. Our expert ASE certified staff has years of experience and know how to stay within your budget before they order parts. Our professional ASE mechanics will give you detailed information about maintenance tips, make-related problems, and all the latest auto recalls and service bulletins to keep your car repaired and in pristine operating condition. We give you the information you need to make your car ready for anything that the Durango area might throw at it.

Is your car safe to drive in the Durango Area? Be it weather considerations, insufficient tire tread, low fluids, broken lights or fauty breaks, you and your family can be at risk.  Before heading out on a trip we urge you to come in BEFORE you depart for a thorough look over of your car or truck.  We will also give you detailed car repair and car care tips from team of auto service shop specialists. With our help, you can easily learn how to diagnose and repair specific make-related problems.