Durango Auto Repair: Why Alpine?

durango auto repair

Finding Durango Auto Repair at its Best:  Why Alpine Auto Doctors?

Because making a sound Durango auto repair decision is difficult when car problems arise, it’s a good idea to find a Durango auto repair shop that you trust before a bad car day happens.  Who can you feel comfortable calling for on road advice when you’re broken down and need to limp your vehicle back to a safe pick up point?  Durango auto repair emergencies create an emotional climate that thwarts your clear evaluation. So find a Durango auto repair that you can program into your phone before you need one.

Stop in for Durango Auto Repair Advice

If you are new to Durango or just passing through, Alpine Auto Doctors welcomes a phone call in from the road for advice on what to do for an overheating vehicle, check engine light, strange noises or whatever your vehicle concerns may be.  Durango auto repair is very confusing at times.  We can schedule you in, bring you to town while you wait and we are even open on Saturdays for your convenience.

Trusted, Dependable Oil Changes, Brakes and Mufflers Evaluations

Preventive maintenance is the key to easy Durango auto repair and for your vehicle’s long life. After a Tune-up, Wheel balancing or Trans service, you will feel a major difference in performance, stability and security. Also, shocks, struts, , motor mounts, ball joints all have their purpose and need to be monitored. These might need a 30K mi service check up and 12 point inspection. We can take a good look during oil changes to make sure everything is in tip top shape or put a watch on them.

The newer cars have sensors like a computer and receive inputs such as oxygen sensor, coolant temp sensor, , Maf sensor, Throttle position sensor to name a few. These sensors loose their acuracy with age due to heat and wear and may need to be replaced in order to balance the system.

Uneven tire wear will tell us if you need a wheel alignment due to worn front end parts or just an overdue rotation. Also, we can listen to your brakes and if they squeal, it may mean you have worn brake pads. When ignored the chances for an accident, break down or breaking a part might happen sooner than you think which will add up to unecessary costs, time loss and a whole bunch of inconvenience.